$99 for a Professional, Affordable Website? Really?

Beginning January 1, 2018 we are launching a new option for those wanting to get a website launched for their business, but are a little “low on dough”.  How it works is this: you give us a check for your first month, just $99, and agree to pay $99 for the following 8 months (9 total), and we’ll build you a professional website up to 5 pages, include hosting, and search engine optimization.  After 12 months we lower you down to our regular monthly maintenance cost of just *$22.50 per month (hosting, domain name renewal, and software maintenance).  It’s really that simple.  Basically you need to understand, if for any reason you miss a payment your website will be removed until payment is received, and upon two months of missing a payment the full balance is due (months remaining x $99 = balance due), once that is paid your website will lickity split be right back online.  Sounds fair we think, don’t you?

For more information, just click here to contact us today!  And thank you for visiting our site.  🙂


*Of course our attorneys force us to say…”certain restrictions may apply, and this promotional may be cancelled at any time with full balance due at time of cancellation, monthly maintenance subject to change, blah, blah, blah.”

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