Winning In Today’s Digital Landscape!

“So how do you?”


“How do you win in today’s digital landscape?”

“What do you mean?”

“Okay, so how do you effectively market a business online, is that better?”

“Yes, I think I’ve got it now, thanks.”


Google and YP (Yellow Pages) teamed up today to present a marketing seminar at the Franklin Marriott Hotel, Cool Springs.  Was it worthwhile?  Yes, it was.  Google presenter Ben Tyson was at his finest giving us the lowdown on what to do, and not to do when marketing online.  There is a LOT to it (obviously), and the question to everyone was this:

Do you have the…

1. Time

2. Knowledge

3. Desire

4. Resources

to become an online marketing superstar?  Or is it best to just pay someone else that specializes in just that?  That is the million dollar question.

This question is no different than the one we ask in many areas of life.  Do we want to take the time, gain the knowledge and resources, and do we even desire to learn how to ____ (fill in the blank).  Do you want to learn how to put in your own sprinkler system or just pay someone?  Do you want to learn how to put in a new dishwasher, or just pay someone?  AC unit gone out?  Learn how to fix it yourself, or pay someone?  Most of us will agree, if we can at all afford to pay someone, we should do it, or disaster may befall us!  We only have so much time in life to devote to becoming an “expert” in things.  And considering you may only use a skill you’ve put hours and hours (days and days or even weeks and weeks) in learning, is it really worth it?  Probably not.  Be an expert at what you do, whether it be banking, transit, politics, law, health care, etc.  And pay someone else to do your online marketing.  There’s just too much, changing too rapidly, and too little time, to do it all yourself.

Something to think about, and well put by Ben Tyson and the YP representatives today.  Thank you.

– Steve


Oh, and lest I forget, thank you Ben for the awesome whiteboard visual of how to market online, you made it so simple with this drawing.  Keep up the awesome work!  😉


Google's Ben Tyson's whiteboard 20150713
How to successfully market online!

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