Launching a new website, and small web building business!

Well here I am, on the couch, girls are in bed, and I’m attempting my first blog post, oh boy, what to say?  Let me just quickly say this.  I’m not out to change the world with Affordable Website Builders, just trying to help the little guy, the small entrepreneur, get noticed.  Most big web design companies locally won’t touch the clients I’m seeking, not a big enough pay off.  And I can understand that if you have employees, rent, etc. you have to meet each month.  But by keeping overhead low (ie. working from my home), and expectations reasonable (no your website is not going to look and act like, it can be a win-win situation.  So there you have it, my first, albeit short blog post.  I’ll try and push these out regularly, and hopefully we’ll do a little business, learn a little something, and enjoy life along the way.  God bless you all, and goodnight.  🙂

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